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Sacred Geometry, Flower of Life, Spiritual Wall Decoration for Yoga & Meditation!

Here you will find a large selection of spiritual decoration such as posters, wall decals, window film or postcards with sacred geometry, the flower of life and many other spiritual symbols. The wandalas products, lovingly designed by media artist Carola Stober, are perfect for your home as well as for yoga studios, naturopaths, therapists, coaches, wellness hotels or offices.

Decorate your rooms and walls with inspirational and harmonizing decoration and healing symbols from all over the world. Our products are ideal for yoga, meditation, spiritual practice or personal development. They are perfect for anyone interested in spirituality and inner transformation who is looking for a spiritual wall decoration for their home.

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Wall Decal Assembly

How to assemble a wandala

Note: You will find printed instructions with your wall tattoo, window film and iron-on transfer order.