Adhesion of wall decals and stickers

Wall decal color selection and test strips

In order to test the color in advance and to check whether your surface is suitable for our wall tattoos, we recommend that you order our test strips with a sample wall tattoo in the color of your choice. Not every wall color or every surface is suitable!

Our wall decals are suitable for:

  • the interior
  • the outdoor area (please select outdoor when selecting the colour)
  • wallpaper (also on most woodchip wallpaper)
  • Furniture / cabinets / doors / smooth coated wood / lacquer
  • laptop, cell phone
  • Smooth plaster / smooth fair-faced concrete
  • Glass / window / mirror (our films have the same color on both sides)
  • tiles, ceramics
  • Plastic / Plexiglas / Acrylic
  • Metal, stainless steel, aluminum / Aludibond

Our wall decals are NOT suitable for:

  • Wall paints with a high proportion of silicates (potash water glass), silicones, latex, acrylic and synthetic resins
  • "Schöner Woihnen" colors (high proportion of silicate/potassium water glass/mineral wall paint)
  • Wall paints that can be wiped off with a damp cloth
  • Subsurface with dirt-repellent properties (e.g. non-woven wallpaper)
  • porous or structured substrate
  • Clay plaster walls with natural colors
  • dusty, greasy, damp and very cold surfaces
  • freshly painted, wallpapered or plastered walls (wait approx. 2-4 weeks)

Whether a wall tattoo sticks or not has to do with chemistry and physics, or the interaction between the chemistry of the substrate (wall paint, plaster, wallpaper, etc.) and the chemistry of the adhesive of the adhesive film.

Trick to Test

A little trick is to test the adhesive strength in advance with a normal adhesive tape. If the adhesive tape holds (please leave it on for 1-2 days), our adhesive foils will probably also hold up.

Please note!

  • Freshly painted walls should be dry for at least 14 days beforehand. With freshly plastered walls, the waiting time should be even longer.
  • Adhesive foils should be mounted promptly after delivery and not stored for a period of several months. A dry, dust-free place, not below 10°C and not above 30°C, is best for storage.
  • The bonding temperature should be at least 15°C. Cold and damp walls can make fixing difficult.
  • Before you start assembly, the adhesive film should be unrolled and left in the same area as the surface to be glued for about an hour. This allows the material to adapt to room temperature. Please keep this in mind, especially in winter when the wall decal or sticker is delivered cold.
  • Bubbles may form due to the heat differences during transport. These do not affect the quality of our products. The air pockets can be carefully removed with the squeegee.

Tabular overview of the adhesion of our wall tattoos and stickers on different surfaces

1 means very good, 6 means very bad.



Adhesive Power

paper wallpaper 1-2
paper wallpaper coated 3
woodchip with standard color 3
woodchip with silicone paint 6
non-woven wallpaper 5
textured wallpaper 3-5
velor wallpaper 5
metal wallpaper 2
vinyl wallpaper 4-5
isolation wallpaper 3
fiberglass wallpaper 2-3
smooth plaster 2-3
smooth exposed concrete 1-2
concrete cire 1-2
plaster with standard color 3-4
plaster with silicone paint 6
plaster rough 3-5
tiles 1
pottery 1
plexiglass 1
acryl 1
glass 1
mirror 1
plastic 1
metal 1
stainless steel 1
smooth coated wood 1-2
smooth furniture 1-2
canvas painted 2-3
canvas untreated 4-5
gypsum plasterboard painted 2-3
gypsum plasterboard untreated 4-5
porcelain stoneware 2-4
natural stone tiles 2-4
ceramic tiles 1
formica 1-2
paint 2-3
MDF smooth 2-3
MDF rough 4-5
emulsion paint (depending on the proportion of silicates) 3-6
silicate paint 5-6
clay plaster 5-6
modeling plaster 5-6
synthetic resins 5-6
smooth plaster 1-2
roll plaster/brush plaster 5-6
rubbing plaster 4-6
roughcast 4-6
distemper 5-6
latex paint 5-6
acrylic paint 5-6
cloth canvas 5-6
silicone-containing substrates: Lacquers and paints containing silicone 5-6
Surfaces with "dirt-repellent" properties 5-6