Mandala Lotus with Om Symbol - Wall Sticker

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Mandala Lotus with Om Symbol Wall Sticker

Mandalas, these circular, colorful symbols of power, have fascinated humanity for thousands of years. The word "Mandala" means "circle around which everything revolves" in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language. They symbolize relaxation, joy, beauty, harmony, and healing. They also promote creativity, strengthen your trust, radiate joy, give strength and inner peace. Viewing a Mandala is like a meditative experience that leads us to our center and sends healing impulses. This viewing supports, in a fascinating way, the centering on our own core and the eternal truth within us. It calms the nerves and speaks to the soul on a deep, unconscious level.

This Mandala wall tattoo in the shape of a lotus flower has an empowering and harmonizing effect. The lotus flower is not called the "sacred flower" for nothing: in Buddhism, it is the symbol of purity of the heart, loyalty, creative power, and enlightenment. The "Om" is the cosmic primal sound, which is located in the center of the lotus in the wall image. It has been used for thousands of years to bring body, mind, and soul into harmony. The power symbol is said to strengthen life energy, bring protection and peace, and support our grounding and purification. So it's perfect for decorating yoga studios, treatment rooms of alternative practitioners, naturopathic practices, beauty salons, meditation rooms, and of course your own four walls. This wall decoration can help you reconnect with your own creative life energy and flow with it. New things can be organized and through creative design, a lot of inner strength and joy can be released.

Important: It is best to install it together with someone else and bring some time and patience.

Feng Shui Measurements: Feng Shui applies not only to spaces, but also to numbers and sizes. When selecting the size of our wall decoration, the respective Feng Shui meaning is taken into account. This way, the measurements can further enhance the positive effects of the mandala!

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Mandala Lotus with Om Symbol - Wall Sticker

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