Pentacle - powerful protective sign - wall decal

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Pentacle - Wall Decoration

The pentagram, when enclosed in a circle, is also called a pentacle. The symbol holds ancient knowledge about sacred geometry and the Golden Ratio, which is found everywhere in nature, even in our DNA. With the point facing upwards, it is NOT a symbol of the devil, but rather an ancient protective symbol due to its harmonizing effect. The five points symbolize the four elements air (top left), earth (bottom left), fire (bottom right), water (top right). The fifth top point represents ether/spirit, which rules over these forces. In the Middle Ages, it was considered a banishing sign against evil, nightmares, and demons. People wore the pentagram as an amulet for protection, drew it on paper, sprinkled the protective symbol on the floor or altar with salt, or carved it into house walls or doors. Even today, many nature-loving people and witches still do this. You can also use our spiritual wall decal for protection and stick it on doors, walls, windows, laptops, tiles, or paper.

One of the most famous representations in art is the human figure in the pentagram by Leonardo Da Vinci, known as the Vitruvian Man. Even today, his sketch of a man with outstretched arms and legs, encompassed by a circle and a square, represents symmetry, beauty, and body awareness. Not only is our body built according to the Golden Ratio, but many flower petals and sepals also show the pentagram form. Pentagrams are a symbol of love, fertility, awakening, abundance, harmony, and peace. The planet Venus moves in the shape of a pentagram. Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. The symbol can be found everywhere, in plants, animals, shells, trees, the human body, flowers, crystals, architecture (e.g. Notre Dame), art (e.g. Mona Lisa), music, etc. That is why the pentagram represents a connection with all beings and perfect harmony. Stick the powerful sticker in your living room, bedroom, meditation room, or on the altar and feel its harmonizing and protective effect.

Five-pointed stars have something magical and are full of "mathemagics," as the Golden Ratio, the Golden Spiral, the Golden Rectangle, the number Phi, and the Fibonacci numbers can be derived from them. Pentagons, or pentagons, can be drawn around them. The more clearly sacred geometry can be recognized, the more it appeals to our sense of beauty. Even Walt Disney created an educational film in 1957 with Donald Duck, in which pentagrams and the Golden Ratio are explained. This little animated film humorously explains where the five-pointed star occurs in nature and how humans knew how to use this mathematical formula, for example, for architecture.

Pentacle - powerful protective sign - wall decal

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