Test strips with wall decal wall sticker film

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Note: The wall sticker will be lovingly handmade for you after payment has been received and is non-returnable.

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Up to six film test strips with a sample motif

Many surfaces are suitable for wall decals (tattoos), outdoor foils and window foils, but not every surface is suitable. The decisive factor is whether the chemistry of the substrate is compatible with the chemistry of the foils, or whether they can combine. Most often, the color used is decisive for walls. Wall paints such as "Beautiful Living" with a high proportion of silicates (potassium water glass), & nbsp; acrylic, latex, silicones and synthetic resins are NOT suitable for our adhesive films strong.

Especially with filigree motifs that have a small adhesive surface, such as the flower of life or quotations, it is important to test the adhesive strength in advance. So be on the safe side with our six test strips and try them out on your walls at home. Because all of our products are only made especially for you after receipt of payment and cannot be exchanged. You will not receive any stock items from us!

You can find a detailed list of the adhesion of our wall tattoo adhesive films on different surfaces at www.wandalas.com/adhesion

Test the adhesive strength

Not every wall color and not every surface is suitable for our self-adhesive adhesive films. Use the test tattoo or the test strips and observe them for 1-3 days. If the assembly worked well and they stick to the wall, our adhesive films will also stick to the same surface.

Window films usually adhere perfectly to windows, glass and mirrors. No adhesive test is required here.

Color test

If you are not sure whether the desired motif matches your wall or test strips in terms of color, try out the color samples.

Shipping to Austria, Switzerland, Europe

If you come from Austria, Switzerland, or another country in Europe and would like a test sample, then please write us an email your six desired colors to info@wandalas.de

Test strips with wall decal wall sticker film

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