Custom-made Products on Request

Since our shop motifs are very suitable for yoga and Pilates studios, healing practices, naturopathic practices, osteopathy practices, alternative and holistic practices, consulting practices for psychology, coaches, systemic constellation, spiritual healing, or Reiki, Shihatsu and meditation rooms and much more from the holistic, spiritual or esoteric area, we are pleased about increased inquiries from this area.

Do you have an idea for a specific motif or a special request?

You can choose from a large selection of color-coordinated adhesive films for indoor and outdoor use.

We will be happy to advise you and create drafts for your desired motif. Write us as detailed as possible what your desired motif should look like:

  • Look
  • Size
  • Colour
  • Font
  • Material (use for inside or outside)

Do you already have a finished motif, e.g. logo, vector graphic, lettering and would you like this as an adhesive film? Then please send us your motif as a vector file (ai, eps, pdf). For other graphic formats (jpg, png, tiff) as high resolution as possible.

Photomontage of the desired motif

If you have a picture of your wall or the surface to be pasted, we can create a photo montage for you with your desired motif. This way you can better assess whether you like the design or whether something needs to be changed.

Own production with plotter foils

  • frosted glass film

  • wall sticker

  • stencil film

  • car foil

  • chalkboard foil

  • banner foil

  • tarpaulin fil
  • exhibition film
  • metallized foil
  • magnetic sheet
  • blockout foil
  • frosted glass film

We work with high-quality, self-adhesive vinyl film for indoor and outdoor use. As the name suggests, we process our adhesive foils with a plotter. Our motifs are cut from single-color self-adhesive foils with the cutting plotter, weeded by hand and covered with transfer foil. Therefore, all motifs have no opaque edge, a great feel and look high quality.

Adhesive films can be used in a variety of creative ways. Here you will find an overview of possible applications for our self-adhesive plotter films for indoor and outdoor use. For example lettering with adhesive foils for walls, ceilings, furniture, signs, windows, mirrors, cars, trucks, trailers, shop windows, exhibition stand construction, signs, banners, paper and much more.

Wall sticker of your choice

We use Oracal Wall Art adhesive film to create our beautiful, inspiring wall decals. Since this film has a particularly easy-to-remove polyacrylate adhesive, it is ideal for indoor lettering and decoration. It can be removed without leaving any residue. As with all adhesive products, heat, e.g. from a hair dryer, helps to easily remove the motif from the substrate.
The design possibilities with this versatile decorative film are almost endless: from the individual design of practice rooms, to lettering on doors, walls, mirrors, windows and stairs to creative wall decoration for exhibitions and offices. In our photo gallery you will find many creative suggestions and examples.

Auto lettering of your choice

With concise and suitable car stickers you draw customers' attention and use your vehicle as a mobile advertising space. Advertise your company with your logo, lettering, your domain, telephone number or with an eye-catcher made from plotter foil. Or would you like to give your car a bit of individuality with a fun or beautiful sticker? We will make adhesive lettering or adhesive letters for your car with your desired motif! Our vehicle lettering is resistant to UV light and can withstand car washes, water, high heat and cold.

Shop window lettering of your choice

Draw attention to yourself with individual shop window advertising and encourage customers to visit your shop or practice! Professionally designed design and beautiful typography gives your business a clean and modern look. Stand out from the crowd and be remembered positively. At a glance, potential customers can see what your company is about. Window stickers can also refer to special offers, sales, opening times or a new opening.

Our window film withstands sun, rain, cold and heat for many years.

Glass decor of your choice

Mit Milchglasfolie, auch Glasdecor genannt, kannst du zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe schlagen: Diese Klebefolien können als Sichtschutz und Werbung dienen. Wir bieten Glasdekorfolien bzw. Fensterfolie im Sandstrahleffekt von fein, mittel bis grob. Mit kreativen Formen, Designelemente wie Muster, Formen und Ornamente, oder Schriftzügen wirst du dich jeden Tag an deinem Glasdecor freuen. Einsetzbar sind diese Fenstertattoos für Glastüren, Schaufenster, Fenster, Spiegel und alle anderen Glasfronten, oder Glas-Oberflächen.

Signs lettering of your choice

Are you not seen properly yet and would you like to make your company, practice or yoga studio recognizable from the outside with an advertising sign? Your customers will find you with a classy company logo sign or door sign! We also design and produce lettering for signposts, information boards, parking lot signs and practice signs, whether for indoor or outdoor use. You can choose from various materials for signage, such as Aludibond, aluminium, acrylic glass, plastic panels, etc. Our self-adhesive films for signs are temperature-resistant and UV-resistant.

Stencil foil of your choice

We also have a solution for the individual labeling of house facades and walls that are wallpapered or plastered with woodchip wallpaper. Lettering outside and on inside walls is possible with stencil foil made of self-adhesive foil. It can be used for spraying, painting and varnishing work on rough, uneven surfaces. We are happy to produce your desired motif as a template for applying paint or spraying. The foils are glued on, sprayed or painted once and then removed again. With stencil foil it is possible to paint your own logo large on the house facade, house numbers or motifs such as the flower of life on walls, doors or cars.