Completed Flower of Life - Expansion of Consciousness - Wall Decal

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Completed Flower of Life - Wall Decal

The Flower of Life is the living pattern of creation, the matrix of all existence. It is the formative development of structures and has been known as a symbol worldwide and in many different cultures for millennia. For example, it was discovered in Egypt in the Osiris Temple in Abydos and at the entrance of the Forbidden City in China. The Flower of Life is said to have a harmonizing and energy-balancing effect. It is a symbol of infinity and is said to amplify positive vibrations and reduce negative blockages. The Flower of Life, also known as the Flower of Life, consists of 19 circles and is the most well-known symbol of sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is the building block of creation, which gives us access to unity and everything divine. It follows mathematical and universal laws, such as the Pythagorean theorem, the Fibonacci sequence, and the Golden Ratio. Music, architecture, and works of art created according to it are perceived as particularly beautiful.

In the completed Flower of Life, all circles of the known Flower of Life that were unfinished are completed. Consciousness thus experiences an expansion, and now is the time to bring this powerful symbol into the world. The world is undergoing a major transformation, and more and more people are living consciously, being more mindful of themselves and the environment, questioning things, taking personal responsibility and self-empowerment. They are leaving their comfort zone, breaking old boundaries, living their calling, growing from it, and gaining more knowledge, strength, and power as a result. The completed Flower of Life wall tattoo can bring you courage, harmony, strength, order, expanded consciousness, and transformation. Look at the many circles, and perhaps you will see the undulating energy field emanating from this energizing symbol. The wall sticker can help you live your spirituality and bring your light into the world. Everything that has ever been created is perfect, including you! Everything vibrates in perfect harmony, like the universal vibration pattern of the Flower of Life. The spiritual wall decoration reminds you of your inner strength, your perfection, and the many possibilities and abilities that you can draw from this inner power. Grow beyond yourself, the time is now!

Meditate, visualize the expanded Flower of Life with the help of the sticker, and feel the connection, feel that everything is one! This will bring you peace, self-awareness, harmony, and peace. The wall art reminds you that we are all connected and that everything influences each other. If you feel alone, sad, or helpless, visualize the sign with the many connected circles and feel the harmonizing and pulsating energy and the great network of consciousness and love.

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Completed Flower of Life - Expansion of Consciousness - Wall Decal

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